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Aiming for His Heart cover.jpg

She's all work and no play. He aims to show her there's more to life.


Childhood disappointments and a bitter divorce taught Jade Buchanan that trusting her heart to a man leads to disaster. When she returns to Oklahoma to settle her aunt’s estate, Jade discovers the cowboy hired to renovate the house is none other than Dalton Kelley, her first love. She’s not worried, though. She has a solid plan—supervise the renovation like the adult she is, sell the property, and return to New York City with money to start a design company with her best friend. Simple. Until she starts working with Dalton and feelings she thought long dead bubble to the surface, raising havoc with her carefully laid plans.

Needing money thanks to cattle rustlers, Dalton hires on to renovate Jade’s recently inherited house. Working for his teenage sweetheart will be awkward, but he can handle it in the short term. He'll collect his money, say goodbye to Jade, and find a woman without big city dreams to settle down with on his Done Roamin’ Ranch. But the job brings trouble he hadn’t counted on, and the more time he and Jade spend together, the less he can picture any other woman by his side.

For this city girl and small-town cowboy, will working together drive them crazy or into each other’s arms?

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