Bet on a Cowboy

Some characters step onto the page and demand their own story. That’s exactly what Griffin McAlister did in Big City Cowboy. I thought about putting him into that story more, but he refused to take directions well, a trend he continued when I gave him his own story.

I continued writing Rory’s story, but Griffin kept nagging me. Then all of a sudden, I knew what he needed—a woman who wouldn’t be taken in by his pretty face and smooth talk. I think I saw a commercial for The Bachelor and I thought of Griffin. He’d think that was a great way to earn some money, after all, he loves being the center of attention and he loves women. The only little problem, which of course he was sure he could deal with, was that he’d have to propose at the end of the show. Now I just had to think of a way for him to be offered the position

A hot commodity after his Wake Up America appearance and his commercials, Rory would be a great candidate for the show, which is exactly what the show Finding Mrs. Right thought, until director Maggie Sullivan discovered Rory was married, forcing her to come up with a backup plan—Griffin

Ever confident, Griffin plunges ahead full force agreeing to be on the show, only to learn he should’ve been careful about what he wished for. I hope you enjoy Griffin and Maggie’s antics as much as I did writing about them.

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